Plugin reference

Description and reference of WordPress plugins.

By the Web Warlock, Thursday, 26/Aug/2010 14:35

ZYX Time Teller Terms

By the Web Warlock, Tuesday, 8/Jun/2010 23:15

The ZYX Time Teller Terms is a term-meta based plugin which manages time: date, hour, year, year period, decade, century, age, aeon, millennium...

ZYX Precise Places Plugin

By the Web Warlock, Wednesday, 26/May/2010 0:50

The ZYX Precise Places Plugin is a plugin based in the ZYX Term Meta framework (currently under development) which manages geographical and place-related terms.

ZYX Classical Circular Clock

By the Web Warlock, Sunday, 23/May/2010 2:16

The ZYX Classical Circular Clock is a plugin that allows for a widget, template tag and shortcode to display a Flash analog clock, extremely lightweight and configurable.

ZYX Term Meta

By the Web Warlock, Thursday, 6/May/2010 10:07

The ZYX Term Meta plugin/framework adds a term metadata table and puts it to good use with a zillion features.