Web update, Aug. 27, 2010

By the Web Warlock, Friday, 27/Aug/2010 19:07

for the 2010/Aug/27 update.

A big update. Mostly reworked and improved the descriptions section, adding a lot of subsections and adapting the templates (their term meta, actually): now they're much more in a quick dictionary style.

Also, I've added a new template, the "table term", similar to the dictionary-style, save that it displays posts in tabulated form. All the commands descriptions subsections are (or will be) with this template. Specially useful to remember with a quick glance which arguments uses a function/template tag/whatever.

And this is the post (of post type post) number 100!

Add dropdown list option to Kitten Widget

By the Web Warlock, Monday, 10/May/2010 17:45

15/05/2010: Added dropdown list with link to any taxonomy term.