Descriptions of a WordPress® action hook.

This function adds support of certain features for a given post type(s). This means that a given area (or areas) of the edit screen will be available. It is recommended that it is attached to the init action hook.

Descriptions of one of the forms in the WordPress® admin section.

This shortcode displays the Analog Clock with the specified hour, minute and other parameters.

WordPress, being OOP, uses several custom classes of its own.

Description and reference for a WordPress function, template tag, class method or shortcode.

Description of an element of the WordPress database.

This is the section of the edit term (tag) admin form used to edit term metadata.

The edit_term_meta action hook runs when the postdata of the edit termmeta form is saved. To save your termmeta, you should hook to this. It passes the args $term_id and $taxonomy to the hooked functions.

The excerpt meta box allows working with the post_excerpt field. By default, is used only in posts and attachments.

The excerpt post type feature indicates whether the excerpt meta box will be displayed in the edit post screen.

The post_excerpt field stores the excerpt for the post (or attachment). By default, is unused in Pages.

Description of a feature of WordPress® (either by core, plugin or theme).

Index of the different features, classified by the WordPress object or element they relate to.

Description and reference of a WordPress file.

List of the files in the WordPress main (root) folder.

Description and reference for the WordPress folders.

List of the subfolders in the WordPress main (root) folder.

Description and brief overview of a WordPress function.

Returns an array of term_ids with all the children of given term (both by core and by metadata).

Returns all the metadata key-value pairs for a given term_id. Optionally, queries the database for the specified key.

Returns the term metadata for the specified term_id and key.

Retrieves the specified term metadata from cache. Initializes the cache for that term metadata if it is not set yet.

Retrieves a value modification for the current theme, or returns the default if the mod is not found.

Description of one of the globals used by WordPress (either PHP objects, classes, variables...).