Command reference

Reference and descriptions for the WordPress® functions, template tags, class methods and shortcodes. Click on one command to see its full reference and all related data available.

By the Web Warlock, Thursday, 26/Aug/2010 13:27

This function adds support of certain features for a given post type(s). This means that a given area (or areas) of the edit screen will be available. It is recommended that it is attached to the init action hook.

This shortcode displays the Analog Clock with the specified hour, minute and other parameters.

Returns an array of term_ids with all the children of given term (both by core and by metadata).

Returns all the metadata key-value pairs for a given term_id. Optionally, queries the database for the specified key.

Returns the term metadata for the specified term_id and key.

Retrieves the specified term metadata from cache. Initializes the cache for that term metadata if it is not set yet.

Retrieves a value modification for the current theme, or returns the default if the mod is not found.

Function to initialize the cache of the term meta. Hooked to the plugins_loaded hook.

Adds the description of a custom post type to the global definitions array. Should not be used before the init hook.

Adds a term group to the global list.

Displays the term metadata edit form.

A template tag that echoes a Flash clock with the indicated time. Useful to display the time of a post in a stylish way.

This function embeds a Flash file with the Hixie method.

A quick function to join an array to a FlashVars parameter (or any other URL-style). Mostly created to have a filter hook.