Entry describing one of the many indexs of WordPress many subjects.

By the Web Warlock, Sunday, 22/Aug/2010 11:38

Index of the different features, classified by the WordPress object or element they relate to.

List of the files in the WordPress main (root) folder.

List of the subfolders in the WordPress main (root) folder.

Index of the core features for the WordPress® posts.

Index of the features available for posts, and the elements that posts have.

Alphabetical index of the so-called post type features (boolean values that control parts of the Add New Post screen).

Index of the different post types of the WordPress post table.

Index of user capabilities (properties that mark what an user can or cannot do).

Fully localized, includes a sidebar widget, a template tag and a shortcode.

The full (and still growing) list of features of the ZYX Term Meta plugin/framework.