WordPress features

A feature is something that WordPress (or any of its plugins) can do (like sorting posts ) or has (like posts and images themselves). Click to see about WordPress features.

Quantum order

By the Web Warlock, Wednesday, 19/May/2010 20:32

A term can use different custom orders when listed from different terms.

Term groups

By the Web Warlock, Wednesday, 19/May/2010 13:07

We could say that term groups resemble WordPress custom taxonomies, but there are lots of differences, and term groups are more flexible (and complex).
Term groups are hierarchical and allow for multiple parentage. This means that any term group can be parent or children of any number of other term groups.
A term can belong to any number of term groups, and a term can serve as index of a term group, meaning that the term will act as representation of the term group: the link to the term group will be that of the term.
Term groups may have term group checktables, special meta boxes with the terms of the term group (including or not those of the children term groups), with many features of their own: Checktables can use thumbnails if available, terms may be hidden for a given checktable —rendering them unselectable—, may have preselected terms, have different hooks, may be read only or displayed only if certain term is selected, &c.). Also, term groups can use the same custom template for all terms in the term group, automatically add custom fields, & even more.

ZYX Term Meta feature list

By the Web Warlock, Friday, 14/May/2010 11:09

The full (and still growing) list of features of the ZYX Term Meta plugin/framework.

How to display multiple parentage in a category template

By the Web Warlock, Friday, 14/May/2010 9:44

To display all the posts that belong to a category and include multiple parentage (that is, display also the posts that belong to a meta-children term), we'll have to redo a bit the query of The Loop. What we'll do is retrieve all the children of the queried term, and use the list of ids [...]