ZYX Classical Circular Clock



The ZYX Classical Circular Clock is a plugin that allows for a widget, template tag and shortcode to display a Flash analog clock, extremely lightweight and configurable.

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ZYX Analog Clock widget

By the Web Warlock, Monday, 24/May/2010 19:54

of the featured in the plugin. (Pending .)

This widget display a classical circular analog clock, with the user current time. (Right now, it doesn't allow to display "server time"). You can configure pretty much anything you want that you see in the widget.

ZYX Classical Circular Clock: Download

By the Web Warlock, Saturday, 29/May/2010 1:05

Click to download the ZYX Classical Circular Clock 1.0


By the Web Warlock, Thursday, 27/May/2010 22:38

<?php zyx_Hixie_flash( $src , $width = '100%' , $height = '100%' , $args = NULL , $id = 'flash_movie' ); ?>

zyx_Hixie_flash: Source code

By the Web Warlock, Thursday, 27/May/2010 3:49

Source code of the function zyx_Hixie_flash, located in the file wp-content/plugins/zyx-analog-clock/includes/mark-flash.php of the ZYX Classical Circular Clock plugin.