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Link term to Page

By the Web Warlock, Thursday, 10/Jun/2010 1:53

You can link any term to a Page. This means that the link to the term will point to the URL of the Page, allowing you total freedom with the prettiest Permalinks ever. The Page "knows" the term it links to via a custom field, normally _query_cat.


By the Web Warlock, Tuesday, 8/Jun/2010 6:14

located in the file / . Displays the admin form. Calls the action . Hooks to the action hook at priority 0.

<?php show_term_meta_form(); ?>


By the Web Warlock, Thursday, 27/May/2010 1:41

<?php zyx_join_flashvars( $args = array( 'foo' => 'foo_value' , 'bar' => 'bar_value' ); ?>