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ZYX Precise Places Plugin

By the Web Warlock, Wednesday, 26/May/2010 0:50

The ZYX Precise Places Plugin is a plugin based in the ZYX Term Meta framework (currently under development) which manages geographical and place-related terms.


By the Web Warlock, Tuesday, 25/May/2010 13:22

This shortcode displays the Analog Clock with the specified hour, minute and other parameters.

Termmeta Text

By the Web Warlock, Tuesday, 25/May/2010 2:42

of the featured in the plugin. (Pending .)

The Termmeta Text is a replacement for the default Text widget which can be configured by custom settings per term.


By the Web Warlock, Monday, 24/May/2010 20:11

<?php the_clocked_time( $width = '16' , $height = '16' , $echo = true , $args = NULL ); ?>