The folder wp-content/plugins is the default folder for the WordPress® plugins.

By the Web Warlock, Sunday, 22/Aug/2010 13:53

get_term_meta_from_cache: Source code

By the Web Warlock, Wednesday, 4/Aug/2010 9:52

Source code of the WordPress function get_term_meta_from_cache, located in the file wp-content/plugins/zyx-term-meta/includes/term-meta-cache.php.


By the Web Warlock, Tuesday, 8/Jun/2010 6:14

located in the file / . Displays the admin form. Calls the action . Hooks to the action hook at priority 0.

<?php show_term_meta_form(); ?>

[analog_clock]: Source code

By the Web Warlock, Monday, 31/May/2010 19:00

Source code of the function the_clocked_time_shortcode, used to add the analog_clock shortcode of the ZYX Classical Circular Clock plugin.

the_clocked_time: Source code

By the Web Warlock, Saturday, 29/May/2010 23:20

Source code of the template tag the_clocked_time located in the file wp-content/plugins/zyx-analog-clock/includes/functions.php.