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How to display multiple parentage in a category template

By the Web Warlock, Friday, 14/May/2010 9:44

To display all the posts that belong to a category and include multiple parentage (that is, display also the posts that belong to a meta-children term), we'll have to redo a bit the query of The Loop. What we'll do is retrieve all the children of the queried term, and use the list of ids [...]

Multiple term parentage

By the Web Warlock, Friday, 14/May/2010 9:25

The ZYX Term Meta plugin allows any term (either category, post tag or any other) to have any number of parent terms, even if the term belongs to a non-hierarchical taxonomy.

Add dropdown list option to Kitten Widget

By the Web Warlock, Monday, 10/May/2010 17:45

15/05/2010: Added dropdown list with link to any taxonomy term.

init_term_meta_cache: Source code

By the Web Warlock, Sunday, 9/May/2010 22:23

Source code of init_term_meta_cache, located in the file wp-content/plugins/zyx-term-meta/includes/term-meta-cache.php of the ZYX Term Meta plugin.