Entries describing a WordPress global var.

Descriptions and quick reference for the WordPress hooks (either action hooks or filter hooks).

Entry describing one of the many indexs of WordPress many subjects.

Function to initialize the cache of the term meta. Hooked to the plugins_loaded hook.

You can link any term to a Page. This means that the link to the term will point to the URL of the Page, allowing you total freedom with the prettiest Permalinks ever. The Page "knows" the term it links to via a custom field, normally _query_cat.

Description of a WordPress® meta box.

Description of a feature added by a plugin.

Description of a WordPress plugin.

The WordPress® plugins_loaded action hook triggers once all plugins are loaded; is the second action triggered.

Different post types may have different sets of post capabilities assigned to them.

Index of the core features for the WordPress® posts.

Index of the features available for posts, and the elements that posts have.

The so-called post type features are flags (boolean values) that mark if a given part/meta box in the admin/edit section will be used or not.

Description of one of the so-called post type features.

Alphabetical index of the so-called post type features (boolean values that control parts of the Add New Post screen).

WordPress stores different types of data in the posts table, not only "regular" posts but also Pages, attachments, menu items, post revisions and other custom data. Each of this types of data are called "post types".

Actions you can do with post types (create, modify, list... ).

Index of the different post types of the WordPress post table.

A term can display different descriptions when listed from different relative terms (either parent or children).

A term can display different names when listed from different parent terms.

A term can use different custom orders when listed from different terms.

Adds the description of a custom post type to the global definitions array. Should not be used before the init hook.

Adds a term group to the global list.

Description of a WordPress shortcode.

Displays the term metadata edit form.